Venues come to life when guests use your custom-branded mobile app. From the comfort of their smartphones, they can get turn-by-turn directions to amenities and relevant push-notification offers based on their opt-in preferences and real-time location. This also allows your organisation to collate key customer patterns and information to assist you in getting the most out of your business engagement.




While retailers have adapted to e-commerce, they’ve equally improved their brick-and-mortar experiences. But until recently, technology hasn’t kept pace with these crucial arms of the retail business. That’s changing with advances in location-based technology.

For retail engagement, Aruba Meridian-powered mobile apps and location capabilities give customers a unique and memorable shopping experience wherever they happen to be – at home, in the store and anywhere in between.

One of the largest furniture and electronics retailers in the United States, Nebraska Furniture Mart, relies on Aruba Beacons and the Meridian Platform to give customers in-store “blue dot” directions to in-store services and merchandise. They can also push unique offers to customer mobile devices based on their in-store location or personal opt-in preferences.
Hotels, casinos, resorts and cruise lines employ a tactical approach to engage customers more than any other location-based venue. Loyalty programs, digital signage and strategic building layouts are all part of the hospitality industry’s arsenal.
That’s why hospitality venues are adopting the Aruba Mobile Engagement solution with such fervor. A growing number of businesses like the Venetian and the Palazzo Las Vegas Resort-Hotel-Casino use Meridian-powered apps to engage customers onsite and off.
Guests can get location-based offers that alert them to onsite services as well as turn-by-turn directions to restaurants, entertainment and shopping. The Meridian platform also makes it easy to add mobile web-sites, loyalty programs and social media to a venue’s mobile apps.
Hospitals often consist of a complex mix of buildings and campuses that welcome thousands of patients and visitors. It can be stressful and confusing for patients as they make their way to clinical appointments, waiting areas, cafeterias,and other onsite health services.
Aruba connects hospitals with patients in ways that complement information desks, directional signage and other way finding tools. With Meridian mobile apps, hospitals like Boston Children’s can guide visitors to clinical departments, food-and-drink options, and nearby amenities.
The Meridian platform also enables hospitals to add a variety of functionality to their custom mobile apps. For example,the Meridian platform makes it easy to integrate patient services systems, staff directories and social media with their mobile app.
Unlike season-ticket holders, most stadium visitors wander about the premises looking for their friends, their seats, concession stands, restrooms and variety of other services. And after the event, they search for the quickest way out to the parking lot.

Thankfully, mobile engagement technology puts way finding into the customer’s hands. Stadiums that adopt the Aruba Mobile Engagement solution can give attendees turn-by-turn directions to just about anywhere they want to go.

Fans at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA enjoy “blue dot” directions to their seats as well as in-app food and beverage ordering – made possible by the stadium’s Meridian-powered app and Aruba Beacon hardware.
Few venues see more people hastily navigating their way indoors than airports. In the past, weary travelers hovered around electronic displays to find their gates, while those with a layover wandered the terminals in search of something to eat or something to read.
Today, Aruba helps travelers find their way through airports, whether they’re in a hurry or have time to burn. Meridian powered apps give travelers at Orlando International Airport and other airports turn-by-turn directions to gates, food, shops, ATMs, restrooms and ground transportation.
Years ago, museums connected with visitors through rented Pocket PCs and iPAQ PDAs. With the arrival of iPhones and Android devices, museums scrapped the old stuff and now enable visitors to connect using their own Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones.
Meridian-powered mobile apps provide museum visitors with an in-pocket tour guide. For example, The American Museum of Natural History uses a Meridian-powered app with Aruba Beacon hardware to guide visitors with “blue dot” navigation to works of art that are on display.
Many cultural centers also find it helpful to use the Meridian platform to provide turn-by-turn directions to exhibits as well as integrate event calendars and social media efforts into their custom-branded mobile apps.