Network Management Software

“Reduce both time and costs…”

Network management software offers a ‘zero touch’ option that enables various networking issues to be monitored and rectified without the input from IT staff. Through zero touch profiling, security precautions can be taken in regards to all devices, without personally handling them.Helping you to get the most out of your network, management software reduces both time and cost, whilst identifying relevant issues via a single screen. Minimalising day to day fault finding processes allows dedicated IT staff to focus their expertise on more important tasks within the organisation.

Network management and services - in the cloud

Our Recommended Software Includes





  • Configure devices in minutes
  • Full management of the entire HP Networking portfolio
  • Comprehensive management of Cisco and other 3rd party vendors
  • Browser based user interface, allowing secured management from anywhere
  • Real time performance monitoring

Hewlett Packard – Intelligent Management Centre (IMC) – A comprehensive wired and wireless network management tool, enabling end-to-end business management of IT, scalability of system architecture and accommodation of new technology and infrastructure.

  • Policies and AAA services that support any multivendor wireless, wired, and VPN environment
  • Network privileges based on real-time contextual data
  • Built-in device profiling that identifies device types and
    attributes for everything that connects
  • Real-time troubleshooting tools that help solve
    connectivity and user issues quickly.

Aruba ClearPass Access Management System ™ – Offering a central point to manage a range of issues such as policies and services, network privileges, device profiling and troubleshooting, ClearPass is a powerful and secure guest portal that integrates with multiple authentication methods.

Aruba ClearPass Access Management System ™

Aruba AirWave



  • Be anywhere on site with just a click of a few buttons
  • Save time and money
  • Improve service quality
  • Make active decisions about your wireless network

Aruba AirWave – Managing user activity on wired and wireless networks, Aruba AirWave monitors the health and performance of devices to enable the insights needed to support a modern digital workplace.


With Aruba Central, you can get your wired and wireless networks up and running in minutes with intelligent Zero Touch Provisioning. The intuitive dashboards along with reporting, maintenance, and firmware management make monitoring and troubleshooting easy.

Aruba Central lets you securely manage and monitor your wired and wireless networks. An easy to use UI is designed for varied levels of expertise, and Zero Touch Provisioning lets IT teams ship Aruba Instant APs and switches to remote sites, where a non-technical person can simply unpack and power them up. Configuration is automatically obtained from the cloud as soon as the APs and switches connect.

Aruba Central