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Appropriate Web Filtering For Education and SMB/SME

At Smoothwall we understand that as the internet becomes more of a key learning tool and resource for children to learn academically, it can be difficult getting the right balance between providing a web filtering solution which helps to protect, but that still gives freedom to work without limits. Smoothwall provides enterprise-level protection to over 7500 UK schools allowing children to learn in a safe academic environment. s Recent changes to government guidelines set out in September 2016 by the Department for Education, outlines that governing bodies and proprietors must now ensure they have appropriate filtering and monitoring in place, in order to fulfill their duty of care and safeguard students and staff against any online threats and harmful content. Our SWG web filtering solution integrates easily, regardless of the environment, and has been developed to meet and exceed Ofsted requirements and Prevent Duty Legislation. With Real-Time content filtering, our solution focuses on web page content instead of URLs, allowing sites to be more accurately classified and filtered upon, without the need for overblocking. Furthermore, our BYOD support gives you the ability to secure and filter internet access across devices connected to your network, providing extended protection and peace of mind.If you require firewall and security, our UTM range offers you the complete protection package, if you have an existing firewall, our SWG web filter integrates easily. As a truly scalable solution, we have products appropriate for all sizes of network, whether a single school, local authority, or large school district, or any commercial size with scaleable affordable options.

Meet your online safety obligations

Our unique Safeguarding Suite enables you to filter down and monitor all online activity per individual user, whilst filtering over 100 categories. Reporting features allow System Administrators to generate meaningful analysis of any search terms entered and URLs accessed, including those which may have breached any one of our 7 out-of-the-box rulesets: Radicalisation, Suicide, Abuse, Substance Abuse, Bullying, Criminal Activity and Adult Content. Working in partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and Anti-Bullying Alliance, Smoothwall also implement the CAIC list of domains and URLs, and the police addressed list of unlawful terrorist content, produced on behalf of the Home Office

Which choice is right for you?

Build around the needs of the education market, Smoothwall’s advanced content aware web filtering technology is constantly updates. That’s why over 7000 UK schools chose Smoothwall to protect their students.

Unified Threat Management

Simplify your network security with UTM. Combining Smoothwall’s market-leading web filter with perimeter firewall, application control, VPN, IPS and email security. Available as software, hardware appliance and virtual machine.

Secure Web Gateway

Already have a firewall? Then Smoothwall’s secure web gateway is designed to tackle the issues of acceptable web usage, student safeguarding, web-borne malware and mobile devices through powerful web filtering. SWG is suitable for all sizes of network, single school, local authority, or large school district.